Jews and Judaism
©2016 Dr. Irene Bonney Faulkes DD


Yes, Jews and Judaism were a formidable force of influence within Protestantism as it had been in the formation, rites and religion of the Roman Catholic Church. Every denomination has been infiltrated in some form by characteristics of the Judaism that was so adverse to Christianity throughout the whole of the New Testament. For centuries particularly the Roman Catholic Church but also the Orthodox Churches inherited in major ways symptoms of the Satanic order, the Synagogue of Satan. Since the Reformation every denomination that has sprung up carries this curse. The true doctrines of the New Testament have been turned into winds of doctrines that are doctrines of demons. This has occurred without a fight. We have failed to a large extent in putting on the whole armour of God, especially the sword of the Spirit, which is the true Word of God. Thus when the evil day came the church did not stand. She succumbed to the wiles of the Enemy, that old Serpent the Devil.

There was Alexander Dowie, an Australian congregational preacher who founded Zion City in the U.S.A., based on his ministry of healing.  A photo survives of him dressed as an Aaronic High Priest. John G. Lake was influenced by him in his own healing ministry that incorporated the outpouring of the Holy Ghost. He also promulgated Zionism that existed in South Africa and in the Apostolic Faith Mission he founded. He is known for his healing ministry and experience with the Holy Ghost baptism. These preachers along with Mrs. Woodworth-Edder became predecessors of the Pentecostal and then Charismatic movements. Indeed the early healing preachers had some influence from Zionism.

In relation to Myer Pearlman I searched on line for some knowledge of a few of his articles and came to the conclusion that there was nothing particularly Spiritual about them. It appeared that any person, knowing the then Assemblies of God teachings and some one as intellectual as he, could write without much personal knowledge of the gospel, of Jesus Christ Himself.  It was not apparent that he emphasized a personal baptism with the Spirit but rather seemed barren of such but redolent of great learning.

I discovered he had known a few languages, was a philosopher (obviously Jewish), had studied in Hebrew speaking institutions run by Jews and that he owned a library of 10,000 books. This led to a certainty also, not only to his scholarship but to his still remaining very much a Jew in thought, if not experience. He would have studied every aspect of Judaism, including the Gemara, Mishnah and Talmud. Early Pentecostalism  would not have included knowledge that such Texts existed. His emphasis was the end-times with Israel the centre. Being appropriate for someone with ties to former Judaism. It was not a doctrine in the Early Church of the first century, rather as Peter said, a Jewish myth.

A down load of the book, ‘Knowing The Doctrines Of The Bible’ by Myer Pearlman and information found on the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Centre provided confirmation of my assumptions.

It is somewhat strange that he maintained such a close connection with his Jewish roots. There seems to have been no disparity between following Christ and at the same time applauding Jewish thought and scholarship as he did. In 1932, an article he authored for the ‘Pentecostal Evangel’ is to be found on that site. Apparently this Jew, Myer Pearlman, did not deem it necessary to obey the Scriptures in emulating Paul’s God ordained example.

Paul gave warning to the Corinthian Church which all of us are beholden to obey. He wrote:

‘But I have a fear, that in some way, as Eve was tricked by the deceit of the snake, your minds may be turned away from their simple and holy love for Christ’.

‘For if anyone comes preaching another Jesus from the one whose preachers we are, or if you have got a different spirit, or a different sort of good news from those which came to you, how well you put up with these things’, 2 Cor.3:4.

I fear that I as a member of the Assemblies of God in the past, being in ministry in Australia, along with those early leaders of our Movement, were tricked by the deceit of the snake, Satan himself. The Talmud and its teachings came out of Babylon when the Jews in captivity took on more idolatry than they had followed previously. There they imbibed all of the snake religion that commenced with Nimrod at the time of the Tower of Babel. It was such that its foundations consisted of every form of paganism prevalent throughout the whole world. This included all manner of evil, witchcraft, Satanism, the occult, Gnosticism and a reversal of good being turned into evil becoming the object of pursuit with all of its base forms. This was the mystery of Babylon, the harlot nation, the whore as described by the prophets such as Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel. This was Israel the harlot, the whore, then but not now.  There does not appear in the Scriptures any whore for today.  It is past history.

At the time of Christ. it was the Pharisees who proved to be the problem.  They were of those who had come out of Babylon about 492 B.C. with their oral traditions that Jesus condemned.  They had their Gemara, Mishnah, Talmud and later Kabbalah, first in oral form.  Later it was committed to manuscripts.   There are no true descendants of Abraham today and any who say they are generally know they are not.  In any case, where are the records of such genealogies?  The Ashkenazi and also Sephardic are descendants of Khazars, a Turko-Mongol race, with much proselyting and inter-marriage occurring over later centuries.  This is the scholarly determination after research, of the Professor of Linguistics, Wexler and of many others.  They originated in Magog, North Western Turkey, then wandering over Asia as far as that area between the Amur River and Mongolia.  After that many of them settled in what today is Ukraine and surrounding areas until they suffered defeat at the hands of the Russians and Iranians because of their practice of robbery, murder and stealing the murdered identities.  They were known as the Snake People and eventually took on Judaism.

The Pharisees of the New Testament with their beliefs, that originated from Babylon of Nimrod’s day and also of Egypt with its magic, occultism and Satanism, along with others of their kind, are with us today.  Millions have been affected by the Serpent’s fangs, those ‘vipers’ beliefs of Illuminism, without realizing it. Judaism in some form, even including Mithraism, has penetrated Christendom for almost two millennia.  Over the centuries, the Kabbala itself has influenced many while there have been the blood-lines in monarchies of all Western countries, the Secret Societies aplenty.  Then there were the Rosicrucians and the Enlightment that was occultic with its base being the magic and hermeticism of Ancient Egypt.  Thank God I myself began to see the light fifty years ago but it took much effort and faith to allow the Lord to turn me around to follow only His Word.  All denominations have been under this Satanic attack and have succumbed in the main.  There still remain the remnant of the righteous and who they would be, one dares not attempt to declare.

Without a doubt, the major reason this false teaching of the End Time and indeed heresy, has been so prominent being one of the major beliefs held, is sorcery. Oh yes, sorcery. Do we not understand that our enemy, the Diabolical One, is doing what John described ‘And the dragon waxed wroth with the woman, and went away to make war with the rest of her seed, that keep the commandments of God, and hold the testimony of Jesus’, Rev.12:17. As Peter said, ‘He goes around seeking whom he may devour’.

He works through the most evil practices and this enmity is not seen and seldom realized. He is the deceiver and father of lies. Paul clarified the situation of a whole church full of believers being under this kind of attack. It is apparent he has been attacking every church, every believer and every denomination from the inception of the gospel as seen in all of the epistles. He uses wolves against the flock of our Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ. The Church in Galatia was exposed to decided sorcery and Satanism as the apostle revealed with these words: ‘O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you?’ Gal.3:1.

Judaism and Jewry that opposed Christ and crucified Him then attacked the Christians. It was done openly as the book of Acts describes. Afterwards it was not apparent to present day believers but history would prove it to be so.

Myer Pearlman, whose works were read and studied by Assemblies of God leaders and people, other Pentecostals and many Baptists, was rather open in his disclosure of personal Judaism and an innate love of such a background and its education. He would quote such a man as Professor Judah L. Magnes, a most famous Jew whose Museum exists today. Apart from this professor’s diligent application to working for his people in the U.S., he opened the Institute of Jewish Studies in Palestine, with three sections Philosophy, Talmud and Palestine Research. Pearlman based much of his teaching on his past studies and on his library. He would use the Hebrew Old Testament, that is from the Masoretes who used corrupted manuscripts and gave a much altered script, whereas the Septuagint is the only translation based on the most original of then known manuscripts. He would apply Philosophy, quoting Kant and Hegel. These traits are not those of a fully converted believer in Christ, who is a Spiritual leader among the Church of Jesus Christ.

That Christians accepted such, is not surprising, considering that from the tine of the Reformation, Jews and Zionism were ardently esteemed as the ultimate people of the Bible by many leading Christians. This was a false view and implemented by political forces in Great Britain in particular, their monarchy, aristocracy – the Establishment and its aristocratic Parliament.

The Puritans adored Jewry, looking greatly towards the Old Testament. This was from the time of Cromwell, who brought the Jews back into England that result in their aid to his  Parliament’s manoeuvres ending in the beheading of Charles I.

When they migrated to the Americas to start a colony, they acted as if they were another Israel under God whose Bible really did not cover such an event. They generally spoke Hebrew, not English, and founded their colony on the Laws given, not to New Covenant believers, but to the obsolete Old Covenant Hebrews, the Children of Israel. Such Laws were never to be given to another people.

This love of the supposed’ People of God’ exists to this day generations later in an unscriptural manner, even appearing to be one that exceeds love to Christ and His Word. Such an esteem is inappropriate, undesirable and anti-Christ.

We think back to when Luther opposed the Pope, rightly. At first he considered these       people as friends in his country Germany, but on discovering the wickedness they employed he wrote against them. He followed Jesus who spoke harshly against them in several places. Paul warned against them. Peter said to ‘beware of Jewish myths’. They existed still in the churches of Revelation, having their beginnings in Babylon, being from Judah and Benjamin. Some returned from captivity, having been designated as Jews while there. Joined to such were Edomites from Esau the non-elect, who all then became Judeans, not Jews. Such a name did not even appear in the first of the different KJV Bibles.

In U.S.A. it is noted that Timothy Dwight, grandson of Jonathan Edwards declared ‘that remarkable Jewish tradition’ of a full millennium of ‘peace, purity and felicity’. This was a climactic expression of love of Judaism in America. This kind of thought found popular expression.  It certainly became a leading  doctrine after John Nelson Darby, also being an agent of the British East India Company, a High Mason and Kabbalist (so said) visited leading churchmen to preach his End Time beliefs garnered from a Jesuit Jew. Wealthy Jewish backers supported both him and Schofield in particular whose Bible held sway for decades. Its notes gave credence to the idea that what he wrote ‘was Bible’. Many Fundamentalists, Pentecostals and others were led astray by absorbing those unscriptural views.

What of Zwingli, Calvin and the Jesuits in Switzerland? A Judaic State of harshness was formed there. Some who defied those leaders of an enforced law state were killed and failure was the result. Now for the Reformation. It proceeded but by this time added to Luther’s  ‘Justification by Faith’ were the seeds of Judaism from  the Talmud. They had long ago intruded to introduce their Talmudic beliefs into the beliefs, rites, idolatry, priesthood as in the  encyclopedia of the Roman Catholic Church. Many became Catholics with some voted in as Popes. Now there had to be corruption within the ranks of the Reformation.

Calvin, who was one, organized Scotland into something that was not pure gospel. His book of tenets of Calvinism, included much human philosophy that does not stand up to Bible Truth. He imposed a harsh Reform Church there that followed keeping the Sabbath on an Old Testament idea for Hebrews only but corrupted for Christians into a belief contrary to the gospel. This bears it out: ‘Calvin, in disagreement with the early fathers, saw more in the fourth commandment than they did. ‘They touch upon only half the matter.’ Calvin sees three conditions requiring attention in a consideration of the fourth commandment. They are: …the matter of spiritual rest, in which believers ought to lay aside their own works to allow God to work in them.

John Owens, that Puritan master of gospel truth who authored many books, still followed the joining of Church and State as he remained in such a system.   Before him the Reformers had done this although  they wanted their own Church/State being stated ‘Non-Conformists’.

His was somewhat Theocratic, following on from the ways of the Israelites.  The Reformation occurred  and that was a blessing from God but perfection of doctrine and experience were never the outcome.  Humanism, a love of success and prosperity, materialism, diverse doctrines, hierarchies and politics are all important.  Doctrines introduced by John Nelson Darby, in 1828, England and later inculcated by him into the minds of leaders of the U.S.A. on his six preaching tours there, form the basis of the present End-time falsities that are so prevalent.

‘To them who look for Him shall He appear without sin unto salvation’. We should look for Him and never to a restored Israel, a restored people (we believers in Christ are the people of God, a new race) or a restored and rebuilt Temple. We believers are now the Temple of the Living God and He is to live among us forever. He is never through Christ to be among a restored people, making pagan sacrifices and according to the Jews themselves and their Talmud, it is to be so. We wrongly ascribe Old Testament sacrifices as their goal. In doing so we sin because we ‘are treading underfoot the blood of Christ’.

This all leaves us as individual believers to find the truth and sell it not. We are to search in particular the pages of the New Testament where we will discover there is no recorded plan for a millennium, a restoration of Israel ‘whose house is left unto them desolate’, said Jsus. There is no mention by Jesus or the apostles of His ever coming back to reign on this earth.

The millennium is a Jewish myth, as said the early Church leaders for at least one century.  After that, until today, the wolves have been tearing the flock to pieces. So let us dig for the truth.

The spirit of today’s Judaism absorbs the Fundamentals, Evangelicals,  Pentecostals  and the  Charismatics. There has  large  success within the ranks of the impregnation of  an imposed love of Israel, to consider them the people of God when as Peter said we who follow Christ are the now the ‘chosen race’ and ‘holy nation’.  Such are the people of God. Such are, as Paul writes, ‘the Israel of God’.