A Eulogy of Dr. Irene Bonney Faulkes DD (Apostolic Ministries)

(Born July 10th, 1926 Called To Her Heavenly Abode August 31st, 2019)

BY PETER H FAULKES (Devoted Husband)

Many followers of Dr. Irene BonneyFaulkes would at this time know of her passing on August 31st, 2019 and the great loss this is to Christians worldwide. Any sadness we may have must turn to joy knowing that Dr. Irene is with the Saints in the Heavenly Realm before the Lord Jesus Christ.

For myself what a wonderful thirty years we have had together ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Dr. Irene fulfilled all of the four ministries in her life (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist and Pastor/Teacher) and was used in all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit with great unction and anointing.

For most of her 93 years Dr. Irene preached, taught, wrote many books and articles, ministered, evangelized, studied Christian history, the relevant lost books of the bible and corrected so many of the false doctrines and erroneous teachings in Chrisitanity. Dr. Irene understood the ultimate truths of the whole bible and her preaching and teaching bring us understanding of the true supernatural power we have in Jesus Christ. And all this as a new creation in the Spirit of Salvation in Jesus Christ using the true power of Pentecost speaking in other tonques.This speaking in tongues being the only real power of the true Ecclesia of Jesus Christ. Dr. Irene ministered the power of speaking in tongues to over a million people using the gift of faith and miracles, is I believe unmatched in her time but this legacy is a command that the true Ecclesia needs to carry forward.

Our prayer is that those who watch, listen or read these timeless teachings of Dr. Irene will continue to find truth and enlightenment of the Word of God.

There is a wealth of information in Dr. Irene’s videos and books and we will continue to add material including some new material or editing material to a more presentable format.

I thank all for your prayers, kind thoughts and condolences.

Lord Jesus let your ultimate Truth be revealed to all.

Peter H Faulkes