Jesus was sent by God. This brings us to the Pool of Siloam. He made mud with His spittle, placed it on a blind man’s eyes and sent him to wash it off in the Pool of Siloam, which is Sent’ or ‘The One Who is Sent’. Near the then Temple.Water to have power? No, it was to show Him the heavenly appointment of Christ as Siloam. The man blind from birth, had not sinned, as the disciples did query and neither had his parents. Yet this man had suffered blindness all of those years – a burden indeed. Why did God ordain this? As Jesus said, to show forth the ways of God and His glory. We humans are so self-centered that we fail to see the Great God has purposes that are more important. The purpose here was to manifest Jesus, to show forth Jesus, to portray Jesus as Siloam, Sent from God. Christ is the Center and not man. He is Salvation even as revealed in, ‘Therefore with joy shall we draw water out of the wells of salvation’. Here is the grace of God bringing us Salvation in Jesus Christ and in no other. It is the Name of JESUS through which we find salvation. JESUS – that Name of All Power, Beauty, Glory. No other name, but JESUS (in English) as given in Greek, ‘Iesous’. Never Yeshua, a fake name.

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