There was only one who ‘saw the Lord’ under the Law. Isaiah in ch.6. ‘I saw the Lord’ and it was a type of His incarnation The Book of Isaiah is full of Christ.

Moses did not see Him. He was hidden in the cleft of the Rock (type of Christ) by the hand of he Lord as He passed by Him. He was under the Law that ‘brought death’ and ‘sin killed me through the commandment’. Israel tried to please God by their actions ‘as if (they could be ) justified by their actions’. Christ brought ‘Life’ and Isaiah’s gospel revealed Him. To see how Israel was under the Law, we look at Romans. It is all about the gospel, the power of God under salvation. Israel had Abraham not as ancestor but as ‘First founder of our family’ by natural descent. He was made right with God not by his actions and he was never under the Mosaic Law, but by faith. David described the person who is right with God ‘independent of his actions’. This blessedness comes not only upon the circumcised (the Jews descended from Isaac through Jacob) but upon the uncircumcised (Gentiles, non-Jews) also. It was foretold to Abraham in Genesis 12:2 ‘ I will appoint you ancestor of all nations’. That was always the purpose of God – to save people of all nations and not just Jews. So Abraham as the ancestor of all who have faith from all nations. He was never to be the ancestor of Jews only, who have faith. Abraham was told by God: ‘I will appoint you ancestor of many nations’. ‘And this actually happened. This was what the words had said , namely, thus will your descendants be’. The use of ‘said’ has the Greek as it stresses the abiding nature of the words. (The words were spoken and they remain) – Nyland ‘The Source’ N.T. using manuscripts that only came to light in 1976 – earlier ones than those used a base for the KJV and all of our other English translations. So that this translation offers a more correct view of the whole of the New Testament. Praise the Lord for such scholars.

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