Israel was a nation of this earth. It was not a spiritual nation. What was it really like to live in the nation of Israel? Was it like anything we experience today? Not much, actually. It was totally different. There was no other nation like it. There never will be another nation like it. South Africa and even U.S.A. did try to a certain extent but both failed of course. God never intended there to exist any other nation, whether of Israel or Gentile at any time after the first Israel. Women were subjugated but not under Law rather under their Oral Law. Boys were adored and girls kept under. Boys were educated from age 12 and girls were not. Worship was totally ritualistic in its visibility. The invisible heart but only of a few over the centuries, did have true experiences with God. But that was under Law. We are not under that Law and never will be. We are under grace. Israel had a king on a throne here on earth. We under the gospel, do not have a king on a throne here and never will. As for the future, where is the verse that says Jesus will sit on a throne in Jerusalem and reign 1000 years? The Torah does not teach it, neither the Talmud nor Kabbalah that Judaism today follows. Christians are not to follow them. We are to follow the Gospels and the Epistles in particular. Those other books do not contain them because they are of God and those are not. Have you ever read even part of them? You should. It would be an utter surprise. Israel was a Theocracy supposedly but most of the time she was following idols. I wonder on hearing Christians hardly read their Bibles. Christians? Hmmm. Do they know the contents of the Law and the Prophets? Such should be read to gain an understanding. Day after day, to read a few chapters is essential, at some time in one’s life. It takes a while to get through them and then to repeat such over and over from various portions of the Old Testament. But we need to read them with the understanding that central to everything in the Old Testament, is not Israel but the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Promised One from Genesis to Malachi. His Atonement for sin is typed by all of the sacrifices of old Israel. He is the Anti-type fulfilling all of the types. Therefore God never intends for there to be any future sacrifices or temple, or priesthood, in Jerusalem. We all have been fed that by the enemies of Christ and of the Church. Let us wake up to the deceptions imposed upon us from most pulpits, seminaries, Christian books that originates, starting in particular in AD.87, from those who crucified Jesus

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