Yes, a new nation appears suddenly, quickly and unannounced as such except for one prophecy in the O.T. It occurs in Acts 2 on the Day of Pentecost. There were the 120 and then 3,000 all becoming part of that new nation on that one day. This Jesus Christ commenced His nation, an invisible and supernatural one. It is not of this earth. It was to have one Spiritual Head in the spiritual realm, Jesus Christ Himself. He would form that ecclesia, that body, that household, that new people, that living temple. There would be living stones spiritually, composed of saints believing in Him on this earth. Multitudes would believe and pass on out of the scene of history into heaven’s glory, as ‘spirits made perfect’. They would be the Zion, City of God, to which all who left this life would be joined – there to await the immortality of their bodies then no more in existence. Generation after generation until the Lord Jesus descends from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the Archangel, with the trump of God, when the dead ‘will be raised’ and all will join with those living spirits come down with Him into the atmosphere of this earth. Then He will take them all up to heaven to be ‘with Him forever’. Who really wants to remain forever among earth’s scenes when there awaits the glory of Heaven?

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