Oct/Nov 2011 Ministry in Tamil Nadu, S. India

Pastors say this apostolic ministry should have prayer support with groups of people praying for my welfare.
There was a final meeting with students and people for prophesy. Around thirty received. Over only one was there mention of persecution. I was told latter he was having persecution.

One of the students, all obeying the Word of my preaching and teaching, did evangelism in a hospital with moslems. He laid hands on a child with distended stomach who had not passed urine for two days. The child then passed two pints. Doctor and visitors where amazed. Some women offered him money to give to his God.
Had a pastor’s conference, with those who did not know me and had been doubtful. Doubt turned to joy. One old pastor had read my book printed in 1995.
Around Trichy went to a charismatic church building that was full. At first it took them awhile to see the things I was preaching. They then wholeheartedly accepted the Word of Christ. The host pastor thanked Pastor Apollos a few times for bringing Rev. Irene. Always they all get full of the Holy Ghost overwhelmingly.
At another conference, the final one, it was mighty.
The team of pastors arranging these things when speaking of the ministry said, we have never heard anything like it, in joy and amazement.
Of course we pay for all these things.
Have printed 2000 copies each of Tamil ‘Truth, Grace And Power’; of English ‘Truth, Grace And Power’, ‘The Holy Spirit Came’ and ‘Israel, The Jews And The Millennium’. A few weeks back I had some doubts as the books are necessary but in the presentation of Truth overthrow many cherished fondly believed but erroneous matters. They are powerful books. However the Lord gave Peter a dream a few weeks back.  He saw the Lord Jesus in the morning glory of light. He was kneeling and blowing a single but three headed golden trumpet. We said, these are my three books. It is really the truth of the Lord Jesus coming through. Amazingly in Kerala a few years ago Irene had a vision. With other matters, she was standing on a mountain top twirling around and blowing on a golden trumpet. Afterwards she thought it strange that it was gold because there are silver trumpets mentioned in the Old Testament.
The present work of the Holy Ghost here as we minister is just commencing by the grace of God we will be back.
Yours in Christ.
Rev. Dr. Irene and Peter Faulkes

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