WHAT IS 666???

It is strange that 6 is the magical number of Judaism and the Kabbalah. Thus there were ‘6,000,000’ burnt in the Holocausyt (burning). Or were there? Elie Wiesel of ‘Night’ is proved to be a fraud in ‘Holocaust High Priest’ by Warren B. Routledge. What is the significance in Revelation? Could it represent a number from the ideas of the Gemara as used by John in the language of the day that was representative of the culture arising from influence by Roman, Greek, Persian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Phoenician and Judaizers from Babylon? Obviously, John’s language was not heavenly but earthly. His vision was heavenly in portent and he was ‘in the Spirit’. Could 666 have been the number fitting Nero? Will wew have chips inserted in our wrists or foreheads? Years ago, Government dheques had inscribed 666 so many Christians immediately related it to the ‘Mark of the Beast’. Can we do such a thing? Famine and maybe death for those who do not have this mark! So it is declared. Should we fear the possbility? Instead, we remember, ‘You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed upon You (the Lord), who trusts in You’. To find out where the old people are today, and if there are any go to:

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