I have been privileged to minister in Indonesia and live there for five years. We had students in our home and two of them used to regale me with the background of the Black Magic and White Magic that prevailed in the country. A man would go to a Dukun (Witch doctor), seek wealth with the promise of allowing each of his children, then his wife and finally himself to die. Yes, he became wealth and yes they all died , one by one over the years. A missionary in Sumatra said she had seen a corpse walking under demon power. One dukun curses another and he dies. My then husband, now in glory, delivered a girl from demons because she was given flowers by a Dukun , with eleven household needles. She was delivered and out came the eleven needles. The snake temple, full of snakes leaves many worshippers there full of demons. In India, with Peter, we see even Christians seem to suffer from the spells of the wicked. One Pastor told us his large church of then over 1,000, had hundreds saved by Jesus Christ as Friday nights he had meetings to which they would come having been to the Temple Tuesdays and their relatives would bring them, having heard of this deliverance. We have been there ourselves and also preached in his church more than once. Anyone involved with Yogi there has stories, after conversion to Christ, of the strange and evil experiences they had suffered. We have seen a man there, not having spoken for seven years, some kind of a Hindu devotee, all by the power of Satan. The central feature of their worship is the Phallus and the idols are just ‘awful’. Yes, we can be assured Philip would have really experienced what is described.

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