Repentance & Revival
©2016 Dr. Irene Bonney Faulkes DD


I believe there are many Indian brethren who are wanting more of God. I know there are believers there and in other countries, such as Australia, who want a revival. I know that in India Pastors, believers and churches are seeking the Lord. They are trying to fill their hearts with the Epistles of the New Testament. They are praying in the Holy Ghost, other tongues constantly. They are faithful in preaching to believers and unbelievers.

This is a cry from a God-sent Apostle, now in Australia. A few of us here are following the full truth of the New Testament and also praying in the Holy Ghost.

Here is a call of the trumpet! Let us seek the Lord in prayer. We repent of our ways of not following the New Testament. We do as in Acts 3:19,20. Then there is revival. Only once is revival mentioned in the Bible. It is here, in Greek to English ‘refreshing’. Peter relates it to the Day of Pentecost. They spoke in other tongues because the Holy Ghost from heaven filled them. There was not any fasting. That is how revival, the New Testament way, is meant to come. Let us hunger. Let us repent. Let us get our hearts filled with the truths in the Epistles of the New Testament. Then let us be filled with the power of speaking in other tongues.

We must repent from our lack of following all of the New Testament truths – repent of following the modern books by Charismatics and Pentecostals in English and whatever language. We should repent from listening to the Television Evangelists who mostly preach error. This is a time for us all to become sober and seek the Lord.

We must repent from our craze for Rock music and modern songs to attract the young! Churches in Australia, of tens of thousands, lead the way. Their young people, some at least, go to Night Clubs and join in the love of the world, the flesh and the Devil. Then they go to church and jump and dance as those do who go to the world’s Rock Concerts. There is a following of the current modern trend. They must have what the world’s youth are doing here in my country.

After repentance let there be revival. The Greek word for refreshing in the KJV of Acts 3:19,20 is revival. This is the only time in the Bible a New Testament or gospel revival is mentioned. This is God’s way. It has to do with the Day of Pentecost. Peter was referring to Acts 2:4. They spoke in other tongues. That brought the Church into being. It ushered in the New Covenant in His blood. It introduced righteousness.

Some of us can see God beginning to do something about the state of our churches world-wide. Most have fallen from the truth. We need God in our midst with the purifying graces of the Holy Ghost. He is Mighty. He is able to deliver us

This is a time for us all to become sober and seek the Lord.

Pastors, Churches and People – repent! If we love Him, Jesus said, we will obey Him. His requirements for obedience fill the Gospels and all the Epistles. Pray the Bible way. Get revived the Bible way. Pray much in other tongues and let the Word of Christ fill your hearts.

Instead, millions are looking for a restored Israel nationally. They want the Messiah to appear from heaven and rule for a thousand years. These believers are looking for dominion on earth. It will never be. There is no such carnal idea in the New Testament. Where can you find it? Let us all repent of listening to and following the Prosperity doctrine. It is another gospel.

This is heresy, Anti-Christ, Anti-atonement on the cross and Anti-blood of Jesus.

The believer should be crying ‘Maranatha’ Jesus is coming to take back to heaven those who look for Him.

What if the Lord were to come finding half of the church without oil in their lamps (Matthew 25)?

Will we be ready when the Bridegroom comes?

Sound the trumpet! Cry the alarm! Assemble in your homes and churches! Get your New Testaments and fill your hearts with their messages as you repent (and I also). Get filled with the Holy Ghost, the Bible way, speaking in other tongues.

Biblically founded truths from a true Apostolic Minister of God’s Word.