The Beginning Of The End?

Perhaps we should all look at the history of events over the past one hundred and fifty years. These concern the baptism with the Holy Spirit and His gifts coming into the church again. Certain believers discovered from the Bible that the the Lord Jesus would still give the experience the one hundred and twenty disciples, including twelve apostles, had on the Day of Pentecost. Most writers date it back to 1906 at Azusa Street. However, some things we can ascertain are overlooked and I suggest that no one has the history during the whole of that period as to occurrences of like nature in the five continents of the world. It is reported to my knowledge and others could certainly have access to to other information. In 1860-61 many churches in the town of Tirunivelli in Tamil Nadu and surrounding districts experienced a revival of times of refreshing sent from the presence of Lord (Acts 3:20). This began with believers being filled with the Holy Ghost as they were in Acts 2:4. It continued throughout a few denominations and included manifestations of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that are listed in 1 Corinthians 12. Some time later, similar occurrences were reported from Travancore in what is now known as Kerala. This was in 1873-74. As far as I know there were no missionaries involved. In 1904 there was a missionary, Walker of Tinivelli, who preached about revival by the Holy Spirit.

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