A song was: ‘We are gathering together unto Him, To Him shall the gathering of the people be etc.’ None of us knew it meant to the Shiloh promised in Genesis. Amazing.Shiloh means to be the Lawgiver, Preacher of Righteousness, Teacher, and for Jesus, as in Hebrews, the Apostle and High Priest of our confession. Isaiah portrays the Messiah, the Christ, who would come and fulfil all of tghe prophecies about Himself in that book and indeed throughout all of the prophetical books. They were to happen at His birth and ministry, death and resurrection, and ascension into heaven. This was the heavenly vision the prophets saw and declared. We miss it if we dwell on a fulfillment to Israel in this sense. We miss it if we look for a future fulfillment of prophecies regarding a natural, worldly Israel in the future, about which there is not one prophecy in the whole of the Old Testament or indeed the New. The Law was given to Moses through Christ as is evidenced in various verses. Even then, before His birth, He was Lawgiver. he came so that the Gentiles and the small remnant of Israel before them, would ‘ascend to the mountain of the Lord’ that heavenly Jerusalem, that heavenly Zion, that heavenly kingdom, and its Ecclesia, both living and departed as in Hebrews 12:14 on. We, as believers HAVE ascended and do ascend. It is there all ascend to this mountain of the Lord. It is there that this Shiloh, Lawgiver, teaches us His ways and leads us in His paths. The ways and paths are never to be discovered in the Old Testament. It is the Lawgiver, Shiloh, the Divine Messenger of Malachi, Who came to introduce the Gospel message of the New Testament. He did not come to espouse the Law off Mosaic, or to preach or teach any part of the Law of Moses. He came with the New Message, for the Remnant of Israel that ceased in AD 70 and for the great multitude of Gentiles who would come in through the grace of God as Abram was informed in Genesis 12. He came and announced ‘the Kingdom of God and of heaven’, that new kingdom that would replace the earthly kingdom of Israel, a Theocracy only. How great are the ways of our God! We do well to listen to Jesus who said in Luke 2:16, ‘The prophets were until John Baptist. Since then the news of the gospel of the Kingdom of God is being preached’ and is to be preached until Jesus comes. So Shiloh is an indication is to what He was to do and be in ministry. Shiloh is He as Apostle who teaches the message from His Father and of heaven, not being of this earth even though it will come into being on this earth with a destination of heaven in view.

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