The New Testament speaks of those who wandered in sheep skins. Yet there is no mention of them in our present Bibles. To whom was the writer referring?We discover who they were in ‘The Ascension of Isaiah’ a most glorious ‘Lost Book’ of the Bible. It is lost because men deliberately lost it to prevent its usage in the Old Testament. The enemies of Christ did not want us to know of the truths contained therein; But the Lord has allowed then to be brought to light. We discover that those in sheep skins were prophets. They spent two years there with Isaiah. They wandered around, eating cooked herbs. They were destitute yet all that tie they were prophesying. Some of the did write present books of the Old Testament. They were there because of evil Manasseh, son of Hezekiah, King of Judah, who in turn was king. He was indwelt by Satan. There is quite a story about this king in our O.ld Testament. He wanted Isaiah dead. His evil design was granted. Isaiah was cut in two with a wooden sword but all the while being in the Holy Ghost, he did not feel it. Let us learn about them.

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