I trust this comment is helpful in your listening to and watching of the video. We present Living Truth in the video. It is Spiritual Life. We need to hear over and over again, the Words of the Life of Christ in the Gospel.The KJV calls them elementary, the Net, elemental. We are to please the Lord in everything and that includes listening to and being ful of the Words of Life. There was a cult of The Angels in Colosse. They observed Sabbaths, New Moons, The Passover, the great fast, the last fast, circumcision and cleanness of meat. All of this was demonic and occultic. Paul in writing to the Colossians, was most concerned at the presence of Mysticism in the church there. There was a period of around ten days when the person was ascetic and used the angels as mediators. In Col. 2:18 he says not to let anyone disquaify them from their prize by entering into Angel’s religious worship. This was the practice of those Hebrews, descendants from Abraham through Jacob. at that time. It is called Merkabah Mysticism. It was not founded on Gnosticism but on pre-Rabbinic apocalytic Judaism. We should note that in Ezekiel 8, at the time of the Captivity of Judah, Ezekiel was taken by the Spirit to Jerusalem. There he saw the statue of jeaousy at the entrance of the gate to the altar. There were women lamenting for Thammuz, or Adonis who was fabled to be dead. Ezekiel saw the Sun being worshipped. Here is the Book of Ezekiel, as chapter 1 shows, an apocalyptic book. There was a heavenly ascent from ideas formed wrongly, from Ezekiel. The Hebrew initiate wanted to be present in the throne room of God. This is called Merkabah Mysticism. Paul knew all about it as he had sat at the feet of Gamaliel, grand-son of Hillel, a famous Sage. It was a danger to the Christians and the danger of other mysiticisms is in our churches today – world-wide. This is part of the belief: Several angels are mentioned. The oldest and tallest one standing upon and towering over the earth. The distance of his stand is as quoted ‘the length of five hundred years’ journey’. Early Christians had an environment of Hellenistic Judaism. We need to know all of this to be able to understand Paul’s injunctions and also what Colossians chapter 2 is all about. It is part of the Canon of Scripture.

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