Please view this re ‘Not descended from Abraham’: Miko Peled There are others about him if you go to Miko Peled Son of Israeli General.… Most Christians today want the ten tribes to still be there. Well, praise the Lord for those who believe the Word of God in the Scrptures. They are not on earth any more. They stopped being a nation as we show in the video. This is what the Old Testament scriptures tell us. Let us follow the Lord Jesus. We cannot follow the myths of men. We cannot follow the myths of Judaism. There were a few who ended up in Samaria. They also married into other races. When Israel was ended by God in A.D. 70 there were none of the ten tribes in Jerusalem or indeed in the whole of Palestine. Today, there are people in almost every country who say they are from the lost ten tribes in the Old Testament. This is peculiar because in each place, there is a different kind of people who say they are from the ten tribes. It is not true. All these different kinds of people cannot be from the ten tribes. It is an idea that comes out of Judaism that would lead all Christians astray from the Lord Jesus Christ and His true gospel. His gospel is what Paul teaches in the epistles of Paul in the New Testament. The ten lost tribes remain lost. They have never been found. Many of us did listen to these errors, even some years ago. If we listened then or listen now, we must leave those untruths and cling to the truth. #Christian #BibleStudy #IreneBonneyFaulkes #Truth #wordofgod #HolySpirit #Quotes

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