Australia And World Church Errors

Dear ….

I have discovered things worse here, country-wide, in all charismatic and Pentecostal churches than I thought. All are based on Copeland, who got it all from Hagin who has lied to everyone that he had the revelation from God.
Monstrous lying, blasphemy and heresies in all of his writings.
He got it from Kenyon. Hagin began publishing in the seventies. I myself did a course with Kenyon around 1947, just before he died. It was feeble by his standards and weakly his doctrines.

About 1958 a N.Z. Pastor of their biggest church, Bob Midgley, came to Australia. He advised us to buy Kenyon’s books as he said, Osborne, Roberts and all the others had come up on them. I bought them. Read them in detail I am sure all of them around those two or three years. Kept the books until we came back from Indonesia. They were under my mother’s house in storage. I threw them out. Have to say I did not imbibe his teachings – maybe a little influence at the time. I imbibed scripture verses as I am prone to do. I decided eventually, Hagin was wrong. He had come across as a Pentecostal, ex Baptist, with some good stuff in study books that I read and thought good. Later on discovered he had Kenyon. Then found out from Gloria C. that she and Kenneth had listened to Dad Hagin’s tapes months on end until they were brain washed with them. They include blasphemy, heresies, and are based on Christian Science. All Pentecostals rejected Christian Science. We knew it was a cultic error and heresy. No sin, no true sickness, no blood of the cross.
Kenyon admidtted to a friend of his (he had been involved with New Thought, Charles Emmerson, Hegel’s philosophy, Swegenborgianism, Unitarian of N.E. U.S.A. etc. Went to Christian Science Emmerson’s Bible School} that what he taught was wholly Christian Science with the blood of Jesus brought in which the Christian Scientist’s did not do. As a child I knew Christian Science was wrong. They had reading rooms all over the world and not that far from my home.
I heard Joseph Prince on T.V. again. He does explain parts of the Bible. However, he mentioned sin-consciousness and I pricked up my ears. Kenyon/Hagin. He said we went on living the Christian life from the point of view that ‘There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus”.

Through the night I discovered what was wrong. He omitted “to those who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit”. Kenyon says the fruits of the Spirit are fruits of our born again spirits (no capital) and so does Copeland/Hagin. I was staggered at Joseph Prince. Knew he was very, very wrong.

So looked up Kenyon’s book on line. I discovered things I had forgotten he taught. I can see that Dominionism, Hinn, Copeland, Hagin, Joyce Myers, Joel Osteen, Brian Houston, all the Aust. Charis. and pente. churches, Charles Capps, have gone down this pathway. They are joined to Latter Rain of 1948 also from around the state of Washington as was Kenyon in his latter days. Latter Rain went into the Charis. and Pente. as well as all of these things, including church – growth, coming from Wagner/Wimber and Vineyard and the School of the Prophets of Kansas City as well as the New Apostolic Move – need apostles and prophets to get the church right so that it can have dominion in education, science, medicine, governments and rule the world.  Jesus Only Jakes (black preacher, U.S.A.) is into dominion now.
They are all into prosperity, coming from Kenyon, as does, confession, righteous as Jesus, authority of the believer, power or authority of the Name of Jesus, three days of Jesus in hell, Jesus died spiritually; we are the same as Jesus; we have as much freedom before the Father as Jesus and before the throne; we are spirit living in a body; we had the nature of Satan and got born again because God took that nature out of us and put His Divine nature within; we do not have a carnal nature (totally illogical as all say we go to the blood of Jesus for cleansing); this means Pastors in terrible adultery did not really sin because they have the Divine nature and that it was Satan who caused them to do wrong!
Falling over, slaying, is demonic, from the soul as I heard saId.
I cannot see Australian churches altering. they will not listen. I concentrate on India. God grant many of your churches are kept purely in the gospel of truth, grace and power. Let us get my books out. No wonder Peter was given a dream from the Lord Jesus about those books.
I can vouch for the veracity of all I have written as I have read and heard it all and speak accordingly.
The above preachers are preaching a gospel other than Paul preached and he said, “Let them be accursed”.
As for the poor sheep, may the Lord have mercy and grace upon them.
So that is why I want to see things that are the Truth around India.
So help me God!
in Christ
Sister Irene


3 thoughts on “Australia And World Church Errors

  1. Happy to oblige. Have been Pentecostal, Charismatic, Evangelical and Fundamental all my life. Began to be disturbed when I would hear preachers say things contrary to the Bible. I want to follow the Truth of the Bible, particularly the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is upsetting to realise that millions follow the T.V. evangelists, who all from the Pent. and Charis. side are preaching some truths but always based on the errors of Kenyon, Hagin and Copeland who all have the same. Kenyon was Baptist preacher, Christian Science philosophy in total but just adding the blood of Jesus. Next one will be disclosing the heresies preached by Joseph Prince, probably the most dangerous as he is so eye-catching, pleasant, charismatic and presents some truths but often based only on typology. We cannot follow Truth if the base is typology. It has to be what is clearly presented in the Gospels and in the Epistles. In other words, we look at what the Bible exactly says, one verse in context always and in harmony with the whole of the Word of God. One example of Joseph Prince, is that he preached on passage in O.T. where a slave had right to go free but stayed with his master, out of love for him and for his wife and children still in slavery. He likened that to Jesus Christ and backed it up by going to Rev. 1, where Jesus appears in a vision. There he said Jesus was in the garb of a servant. So Jesus a. is a slave (like us); b. A servant only. Revelation shows Him in the dress of a High Priest, not servant, with His face like the sun at its height. He was showing Himself as Priest forever after the Order of Melchizedek, Hebrews 7. He is King of Righteousness and girded with Faithfulness, in accord with a few O.T. Scriptures. He is Priest after the power of an eternal life – most decidedly not a slave or a servant. He was God’s Servant when He came to be a Prophet to Israel, and to die for the nation and for us. This was an atoning death on the cross, that Prince, who decidedly follows Kenyon, would have to deny (as does Copeland).

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