Josephus, one of the two famous historians (other Eusebius): ‘Jerusalem was taken in the second year of Vespasian’s reign. It had been captured five times before Shishak, King of Egypt, Antiiochus, Pompey. Sossius with Herod had taken but preserved it. Before liad waste by King of Babylon, 1486 years six months from its foundation. The founder MELCHIZEDEK, first priest of God, first to build the temple; called it Jerusalem,, before Solyma. The Canaanites driven from Jerusalem by David. Babylonians destroyed it 477 years 6 months later, Titus 1179 years after David; 2177 years since foundation.’ Video: ‘You are ever an eternal priest after the pattern of Melchizedek, Christ acts as High Priest now in the power of His resurrection. He is bringing many sons to Glory, seated at the right hand of God. He is Priest and King. As was Melchizedek. We look into ‘like’ the Son of God. Christ is revealed in different appellations, to suit a poarticular office. In heaven is the same One – Melchizedek on earth. There appeared to Abraham, three persons, men, One the Lord.#BibleStudy #Christian #IreneBonneyFaulkes #Truth #Teaching #wordofgod

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