Here is Abraham. In among the Kings/Deities. It concerns Sodom and Lot. Then there are the descendants of the giants of Genesis 6 and the Anakim, aboriginies, the rephaim.These are the ones against which Abraham fought. Yes, Abraham, the father of Isaac and of Jacob. Then there was the Lord, Most High God. He sits where? At the highest above us – through the sky up and up to the highest heaven. He is falsely often called Jehovah and all though the KJV the word LORD stands for Jehovah. That is not His name at all. As to who Jehovah is – we can have that shown to us! The Septuagint, and the Syriab Peshitta, truthfully show the Name of the Possesser of heaven and earth. His name is the Lord the Most High God. He is our God as He was of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.#BibleStudy #Christian #IreneBonneyFaulkes #Truth #Teaching #wordofgod

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