We heard a preacher say, a few years back: ‘We are waiting for the millennium’. Much was our amazaement.The New Testament hope for believers in Christ is His second coming in the clouds above and not on earth ‘and we will be changed’. Such is declared and portrayed in many verses. Those who want a millennium wherein an earthly reign on earth by Christ are vainly hoping for a national change in the then living ‘Jews’ when they will accept Him as their Messiah. This is a false Christianized belief only as they themselves have their own Messiah, more akin to being themselves. Christians should know hisotry. It shows ‘there is no coming salvation of any ‘Jews’ in the writings of the early Church Fathers before Clement of Aleandria ( a stronghold at that time of Grecian ‘Jews’ A.D.150-215. None commented on Romans 11:26 as is very widely done today in error. There was never a view among them of any restoration of a Jewish nation.#BibleStudy #Christian #IreneBonneyFaulkes #Truth #Teaching #wordofgod

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