Some Errors Heard from Television Preachers

We have been watching Joseph Prince, of Singapore, fairly regularly, each Sunday evening. He comes across as pleasant, charismatic, engaging and having a good knowledge of the Bible. As we have listened to what he said, sometimes it took a while in the course of his sermon to pick up what the basis of his preaching really was. Perhaps that is because we too have been slightly brain-washed by modern day preaching that we hear when we return from India to Australia, particularly on all of the channels. They are Australian Christian Television, Trinity (TBN), God Channel, and others. Alarmingly, all of the Charismatic and Pentecostal preachers (except maybe a couple of black ones from the States) follow the same line.

The influences of the following are obvious: Copeland (back to Hagin through to Kenyon), Latter Rain, Restoration of David’s Tabernacle, The rock music scene of Hillsong and its unscriptural boy loves girl kind of songs, lack of theology, spread around the world, the School of Prophets and Vineyard and the Toronto Blessing (Anglican) with Pensacola and Brownsville (these two being Assemblies of God). We must not forget the Prosperity and Word of Faith doctrines. At first Prince appeared to have something perhaps palatable to those with a taste for the truths of the Word of Christ in the Gospel. Not so. Last Sunday evening was the culmination of errors we could see in previous sermons. It was full of heresies and even blasphemy, if you count this as the latter – “We share the throne with the Lord Jesus”. Yes, in shock we heard him say just that. He spoke of Adam’s job descriptions.  Before he fell into sin, he just nurtured the garden and did not toil. Afterwards, he worked by the sweat of his brow. We should not be doing the latter. We should be back to the blessings of the Garden of Eden. Now that a belief called Dominionism, that has been around for forty years or so among the Charismatics. We believers are to gain dominion in this world because Adam and Eve were given dominion over the animal kingdom (only – not over people, my words in)..We are to get control of finance, economy, education, medicine, the arts (hence all of the Christians going into the worldly dance, music and acting scene. We are also to get the world ready for Jesus Christ to come and rule. He also said we are to have dominion over the powers of darkness to guard the finished work of Christ on the cross. When we have communion, we proclaim the death of Christ, he said. True but he considered it was no sickness and no poverty. There was no mention of the fact that it was because of our sin and really nothing to do with disease and finances. He said, “How can you proclaim the Lord’s death with your body in  pain?”  Such rubbish and drivel. He said we are seated in heavenly places in Christ and Satan and everything is under our feet. The latter part is not what the apostle Paul meant. It is Christ who he meant was in that position. Then Prince about three minutes later, said it was different with Jesus, “He is in heaven until He makes His enemies His footstool” Heb.10:13. For a while we thought how ridiculous and illogical such statements were. Now I wonder. Did he mean that now, on earth, we are in such a position that we rule and reign, while as yet, Christ does not? I think so. After all, he calls his show (entertainment for the masses of hundreds of millions of Christians supposedly watching) – Destined To Reign. He has said that we are equal with Jesus before the Father (blasphemy). He said the musicians should be most skillful (I a musician, note the lack of musical culture in Australian churches) because they are waging warfare. Now how can that be when as Paul says, “The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds”. They are supernatural and not natural. 1 Corinthians 10:3-5. He mentioned we have to sow the seed (seed of money to bring in more)  Oral Roberts. Perhaps the Lord will forgive his blasphemy but what will happen when he has to give account of his preaching? Preachers and teachers will receive the greatest judgment, says James. Prince’s greatest error, from Kenyon’s Christian Science philosophy, is that “I AM the righteousness of God in Christ” so ” I am as righteous as Jesus. Wrong, on both counts. 1 Cor. 1:30 “God is the source of your life in Christ Jesus, who became for us, wisdom from God, and righteousness and sanctification and redemption”. Can we say: “I am the redemption  of God, I am the sanctification of God, I am the righteousness of God and I am the wisdom from God”?  If you say one you must say all four and that is ridiculous. They use what Paul said in 2 Cor.5:21 For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God NRSV and KJV similar. However, as a great scholar says, it should be “sin offering”. It is blasphemous to say as they say that Jesus become sin and a sinner. He was the holy, perfect sacrifice for our sin. They say he did not make atonement. “Christ has for sin atonement made, what a wonderful Savior”. As for righteousness, we have it only because we are “in Christ”. The unfathomable of righteousness is in Christ and we are united to Him. Therefore before God, we are counted righteous. We do not, as they say, have the nature of Satan with that nature removed and the Divine nature put in. We had a nature of sin (still have that carnal nature) and do not have the Divine nature. We are created, our new self (Eph.4:24) and “If any man be in Christ Jesus, he is a new creation or creature” 2 Cor.5:17. The Divine nature was never created and never could be. We do not have the Divine nature. We are created in the likeness of Christ and just share or partake of the Divine nature in Peter, because we lay hold of the Divine promises of God. In that way, through those promises, a principle of the Divine nature has come into us in the new creation. Prince also said we are sanctified, made holy so therefore we should say we are perfect. I see people do say what he says but John says in 1 Jn.1:5 “If we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us”.  We cannot say it. The Bible says “say” meaning now or tomorrow or the next day. Is the truth the truth of the gospel?   He says in 2 John 1,2 whom I love in the truth, and not only I but also all who know the truth, because of the truth that abides in us and will be with us forever.   vvs. 9, 10, the teaching of Christ.  I share this because the church and millions are skating the brink and are in dire peril.

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