Look at David, a man after God’s own heart, and his terrible sin of adultery and murder. Then consider all of the beautiful Psalms he wrote and sang and who said on his death-bed ‘The Spirit of the Lord spake by me and His word was in my tongue’. Sin worked ‘in one’s body parts’, i.e. in the flesh. No human can be made right in God’s sight by deeds of the Law. Those of Israel had advantages over the Gentiles because God gave them the covenants, the glory; and the promises of the Christ who would come and die on the cross for their sins. As Paul said: ; ‘Are we Jews any better off? Of course not’. If we read the O.T. we will see that most of the time Israel worshiped idols. This showed her inability to keep the Law because she could not stop from sinning. Israel was never a holy nation of people who lived holy lives. Only believers int he Lord Jesus Christ are part of ‘the holy nation of God’ because we have been justified by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, have been cleansed in the blood of Christ and have Christ living within. There never will be any nation on this earth, as indeed there never has been, that will be holy. We believers in Christ are a spiritual and heavenly nation. Israel never was and the one there today never will be. One for any future there never will be. In fact, there never will be one there with :Christ reigning there. We believers already live and reign with Christ in a spiritual sense, as in Romans 5:17, over sin, Satan and the world, and will reign in eternal life, sitting on thrones, wearing crowns as kings not in this world then but in the world to come. This is that eternal heaven. The following link should tell us something:… And this is all being done hidden in plain sight, without most Christians even being aware of what is being taken from them. And it is being done subtly by influencing the doctrines of American Christian Churches to conform to a false doctrine that upon first consideration seems reasonable, positive and even appears to be true. This is the false doctrine of Christian Zionism, the belief that Jews should return to the Holy Land and re-establish ancient Biblical Israel, which was the source of Jesus Christ and Christianity in the first place. There are numerous problems with this ideology that most American Christians just do not understand. Before we dissect the ways this ideology is seriously flawed and harmful, first we must understand it. Typically most American Christian Churches teach that, since Jesus was a Jew, the source of Christianity and therefore Jews today, especially those in Israel, are our brothers and sisters – part of the same family – and deserve support no matter what. This ideology extends to the typical Christian belief that Israel as a nation-state must be supported, no matter what, and that it is okay for Israelis to take land from the Palestinians to build new settlements, since supposedly God gave it to the Jews in the first place, and it is their ancestral right. There are many falsities associated with this doctrine of Christian Zionism. Let’s list the prominent ones here. These were never supposed to be exposed publicly. 1. A recent peer reviewed genetic study from John Hopkins by a Jewish MD showed that approximately 97.5% of Israeli Jews living in Israel have absolutely NO Hebrew blood at all and are from ancient Khazaria in Eastern Europe, now the Ukraine. And some were called Ashkenazis and ARE NOT Semites at all, while approximately 80% of the Palestinians have ancient Hebrew blood and are true Semites. This has secretly been admitted to in the highest echelons of the Israeli government and was leaked in a largely ignored article.

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