TO ALL AND THE DEAR BROTHER AND SISTER IN NAIROBI KENYA: Oh, how we Pentecostals and Charismatics had it so wrong. We wanted power to heal the sick. Now the hundreds of millions of them focus on ‘signs and wonders’. Jesus never did promise ‘signs and wonders’. Paul did not. Jesus said ‘You shall receive power’ but there He did not say for what reason. He added No. 2 ‘And you shall be witnesses unto Me’, meaning about Him, Jesus Christ. This would be of all they had seen over three years. They would witness all they had heard. As in a court a witness has to swear on oath to say what he saw and heard. Jesus did not say they would receive power to heal the sick or to perform signs and wonders. At all. Yet there is a craziness world-wide for the most strange signs. Someone waves his arm. A crowd falls over. Is that in the Bible? No it is not. Have we never heard of hypnotism? Of witchcraft? Of Shamans? The Laughing Move or Toronto Blessing, as recorded in a man 28 years in India following Yoga but who got converted to Christ, which I read: ‘This Laughing Move/Toronto Blessing, is just like Yoga. Some Christians did say it was the Kundanini spirit. No. It was not. It was like Yoga. Now in South America and U.S.A. and elsewhere, even Israel, some evangelist, South American, spreads the remnants of this Laughing Move, i.e. falling over , around. I wonder what spirits in South America are working? Paul said: ‘You are following a false Christ and a false Spirit (Holy)’. So are these people. Let is follow the Lord and His truth in the epistles and gospels. The POWER of the Age to come is to work in us to benefit the believer personally and also collectively. The aim of power is ‘to be filled with all the fulness of God’ that we might know the love of Christ, surpassing knowledge. This is the glory in the church, Eph.3:18-21. ‘To Him the glory in the church in Christ Jesus to all generations of the ties of times. Amen’. This is the reason for power. The Lord wants this in you, yes in you and in me. Let us pursue His will. Gospels say ‘False Christs and false prophets shall show signs and wonders and seduce’. Peter prayed for signs and wonders. The apostles had signs and wonders. Did anyone fall over and backwards? If we read Acts, they healed the sick, cast out devils, the lame walked, dead were raised, at the shadow of Peter there was healing; handkerchiefs from Paul healed the sick. These are the signs and wonders of the book of Acts – our example, should we not think? We need personally to pray and worship in other tongues more than to be laughing, shaking, doing funny actions as they do. Satan is a deceiver but we will never be deceived at all, when we seek the Lord Jesus and speak in tongues. Jesus said that the Father would never give us a snake or a scorpion (demons) instead of bread (heavenly) so we expect it to be from Him. It is afterwards that many Spirit-filled people fall into Satan’s traps. The reason for all in gospel activity is to show forth Jesus Christ and not to promulgate strange doings from the pulpit or among the believers. In the Laughing Move they ‘crowed like a rooster’ and worse. I saw thousands fall over as I watched a preacher over a period. I spoke with many. I did not see any fruit from that experience. It was not the power of God as he said. The power of God is speaking in other tongues as Jesus said. Isa. 28:13 ‘And they will stagger and fall over backwards’. Instead of having the rest of speaking in tongues as in verses in that chapter. Paul refers to this as speaking in tongues in 1 Cor. 14: 18-22

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