TO ALL AND THE DEAR BROTHER AND SISTER IN NAIROBI KENYA: Old Pentecostals ‘tarried’ as I was taught and did. 

That is not what the Scriptures declare. We discovered among the millions of Pentecostals in Indonesia in 1970 that they were taught that wrong way as it came from missionaries of the West. Church after church then had either none or a few only who received. The Lord sent us so that there was some light on the horizon and hundreds of thousands did receive. We prayed for hours in the Holy Ghost and they received according to Acts 2:4 where the emphasis is on ‘they began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them the words to speak’ (in their throats, mouths, lips but they had to speak. The Holy Ghost did not speak, they did. We ministered the Holy Ghost as Paul mentions in Galatians. God does not minister the Holy Ghost. He is the One in His grace and power Who has given the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost comes from Him, from the throne of God and not from any human being. However, as Jesus said in John 7:38,39 ‘Out from his innermost being or spirit, will flow rivers of LIVING WATER’ that is the immediate source. But it is actually from the throne where begins the river of the Spirit, flowing in essence from the innermost being, i.e. those who minister as a Gift of the Spirit, Gifts of Faith and of Miracles. Believers receive this outflow of the River of the Holy Ghost because they already have drunk from the well of Salvation Jesus told the woman at the well of Samaria, that a person who believed on Him, would drink of the eternal well of the waters of salvation. (John 4). Do you want to be one who ministers the Holy Ghost and this has nothing to do with falling over but with speaking in other tongues – only. Believers are to receive this power centered in supernatural speaking in other tongues or languages. God gave such and continues to give as it was never rescinded. This power has nothing to do with the Gift of Tongues from the Holy Ghost later. This power has nothing to do with healing as that also is one of the nine Gifts of the Spirit and most do not receive such a gift afterwards. They ministered the Holy Ghost in Samaria after Philip saw the whole city turn to the Lord Jesus. This is explained in my book, ”All About Speaking In Other Tongues’ free download at

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