Do you walk with Jesus, truly? Do you count everything else loss as He said to do, Lk.14. Do you think it would have been wonderful to be walking with Jesus as the disciples did? Yes, indeed.They listened to Him daily for three years. We are to have an intimate walk daily with Him by the Spirit. They saw everything He did. They walked with no other than Him. There was no organization, denomination or heirachy. There were miracles, healings and raising of the dead. Glorious. This showed He was the Messiah. You can have a miracle daily with Jesus when you pray in other tongues. It is the greatest miracle for you in this world. …Jesus’ works pointed to Him as being Divine. Hear in His words, was Spirit and Life to them. His miraculous deeds pointed to Him. It was the message, the Gospel, that was all important. He came to bring the Gospel that got attention through His miracles. The message of the Gospel is far more important than signs or wonders. It is better to hear the words of eternal life than to see a miracle. He said He was returning to His Father. He would not leave them lonely. He promised another Counsellor, the Holy Spirit. Jesus would go but the Holy Spirit would come. He is with us today. We walk in the Spirit and it is as if Jesus were here in Person. Jesus said it was better for us to have the Holy Spirit. It is better that He went back to heaven. We walk with Jesus when we see on the message of Christ that is throughout the Gospel and the Epistles. We walk with Jesus when we go to the throne of grace in heaven through Jesus Christ our Mediator. We walk with Jesus when we obey Him and His Word. We walk with Jesus when we let the Word of Christ ‘dwell in us richly’. We walk with Jesus when we tell out the Gospel to others. We walk with Jesus when the gifts of the Spirit are manifested through us. We walk with Jesus as we pray in other tongues and thus receive more love to Him.

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