Not to have some gift of the Spirit is to disobey. You as a believer must be baptized with the Holy Ghost. You speak in other tongues and that is the power. It is the promise of the Father for you. Then you are a member of the body of Christ. There are nine gifts from the Holy Spirit. These are the manifestations of the Spirit in the church. It is to be your experience. You can have at least one of these! We all are to chase after these gifts. The gifts did not have any cessation in the New Testament. There is no verses saying they were to cease. A in the world disobeys. They did not want them. That is the carnal mind. The church of Jesus Christ is to be one of power. It is the power that comes with prayer in other tongues. It is to be continued daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. We can pray in many different languages as the Holy Spirit gives them. This is the grace of God

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