Ea;ch believer has that enemy. Each believer – daily. Old Pentecostals would not believe this. The Charismatics did. They were right n part. They believed in Spiritual Warfare. They did not really understand the full truth but they had some glimpes. Their thinking demons had to be cast out frequently was the wrong track along which to walk. The battle was not based in such. Paul shows us the right of it all – and even Peter. So where, who is that enemy? All of us regard Satan as the prime enemy and he is But who are his helpers. Where are they? Peter says, ‘Be clear-headed. Keep your wits about you. Your opposition, Slanderer-Liar walks around like a roaring liion searching for someone to gulp down’. He surely is around the world as is indicated by the book of Job. But those helpers! Who are they? Where are they?

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