We are to identify the enemies, whether in home, workplace, churches, believers, relatives, situations, our emotions etc. We specifically pray at all times, as God mostly does not act sovereignly, in supernatural languages against them, whereever. the specific demons pinned to the ground! Paul, I WILL pray in supernatural languages I WiLl pray with my understanding,, Holy Spirit given – all being my spirit operating. Therein is our victory. Always we attack them or no victory. Because I did not know this truth my whole life as I look back has been invaded, even ministry affected. However – but for the grace of God brining salvation that one accepted by His given faith, we were somewhat protected, and had many blesings of salvation, the Spirit and the Word of the Truth of the Gospel. My books on line Re The Power of Truth and Grace, ad All About Speaking In Other Tongues – free access and down-loading to All churches world-wide have been affected by all of these demons, even in the ‘Pjeople of God who are not the people of God, through the occult to close our eyes to the evils of Judaism that Paul said in Galatians 3:1 was deliberate witchcraft (the evil eye ) oh yes it is predominant among us. The grace of God is boundless, it is like a mighty sea. Praise you, dear Jesus. When we wind some ground and throw those enemies down, pinned down, we stand firm.


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