The Conquering Savior shall break every chain And give us the victory again and again. We are meant to live in victory. We are to pin those enemies after wrestling with every prayer in the Holy Spirit, supernaturally given languages. If you do not have this experience, you need to receive this infilling of the Holy Ghost or the Holy Spirit. We are to have a battle-order even collectively in our coming together with others of like mind. ‘and war backbone produced by faith in the Anointed One, Source trans., Col. 2. The elemental spirits up there are particularly against Jesus, The Anointed One, ‘because the whole fulness of the Divine Nature lives in person in Him’. ‘He nailed the Law (decrees) to the cross’, ‘after stripping off everything, weapons and all, from governments and powers, he made a public spectacle of them and led them around as prisoners, in a triumphal procession, by means of the cross’. Glory to God!. Col. 2, 14,15 (Net translation 2nd best, also clear). Nationally, could it be milliions? of those demons, invasion south; jobs gone; dollar replaced in countries etc. Beloved brethren there, seek the face of Jesus on this.

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