Pilate ordered an inscription over the cross of Jesus the Anointedl It was one It read: ‘Jesus, King of Israel’. Indeed Jesus te Anointed, Son of God, God manifest in the flesh, He from before the world began through Whom the world was created – is indeed now ‘King of Israel’. Now there is no earthly Israel. It ended August, A.D.70. The Lord Himself has created the new Israel of God, of believers and followers of the Lord Jesus today. Before His crucifixion as prophesied by Zechariah, the people, including babes in arms – all supernaturally inspired – did this. They cried ‘Blessed is the Name of the LORD even the King of Israel. He was on a donkey treading on the palm branches. His Name they knew was Jesus (or Greek Iesous) never any other than Jesus in English. Even the babes at the breast sat up in their mothers’ arms and cried out to Him. (I have a video on this as it is in the Scriptures).

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