What exactly was the O.T. Israel? Was she natural or spiritual? What real world did she exist? We all know she existed in our present world, in Egypt, in Canaan, as Israel the nation and as Israel a Theocracy. However, was this an existence that would never end? God created her, the nation but did He create her as ‘the nation’ to exist millennium after millennium, or even forever? She was an earthly creation, an earthly nation with an earthly existence. When we look at the O.T. we discover she was not even a holy nation, full of righteous people. She had righteous Abraham, even Lot being considered somewhat righteous, despite his lust for living alongside the evil who did not know God. However, her history is one full of evil, of idolatry, of self-will, of estrangement from God, sprinkled with the salt of the few who could be considered righteous. Could this kind of nation ever last forever? Of course not and a little consideration on our part easily discloses this fact. Never to last for ever because she was never one of eternal life and eternal verities or even eternal Law. The Law was but a copy of realty – and thus was Israel. That called Israel today as in many of our videos is this: Please view this. It accords generally with much content on UTube over the past few years.

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