THE ELECT Romans 9-11

Almost every one has been led astray into a misunderstanding and incomprehension of these three chapters. I was myself.

Persistent reading of it and noting it in every particular, took me out into the truth. I believe we just followed our leaders, like in the children’s game, without diligent attention to the passage or a concentrated examination of it all. This is the story of much of what we hear and certainly it applies totally to all of the End time beliefs. The erroneous belief that Gog and Magog relate to Russia dn Germany being the country all opted for in past generations when Ezekiel 38/39 were fulfilled in history. I discovered quite come time back that Magog had been situated in N.W. Turkey, and never in the Ukraine or Russia. Rus cannot apply to Russia. The two chapters in Ezekiel were fulfilled because Magog was actually Lydia and full of Lydians. So much for an entrapped church bewitched by Judaizers as in Galatians and ch.2:1. They went there from Jerusalem, as Paul said. There is a remnant and there is an election. There were at the time he wrote Romans as Paul knew by revelation and that he preached, , two Israels. Old Israel, that finished a few years after his martyrdom and the New Testament Israel of God, full of those uncircumcised in the flesh but circumcised by the Spirit in the spirit. The olive tree was composed of a small remnant of Israelites who got converted to Christ and a multitude of Gentiles even then. Now there is a preponderance of Gentiles that is, those who are not descended genealogically but descended spiritually, from Abraham, Galatians 3. The remnant of Israel were gathered in long ago and Gentles are still being placed in that tree.

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