When we view the world’s scene from creation until now and even what occurrences into the future we can visualize, it is one of much disruption in societies, wars, epidemics, poverty, hunger, lack of water,

sickness, death even chaos many times. That may be a matter that cannot be reconciled to a God of love and yet we know, God is love. There are plans of God and schemes of Satan and man that have to be taken into account. Satan’s work and its results are most obvious, if we contemplate the matter. As for God? His ways,, said Paul, are past finding or tracking out and that is the truth. We cannot find reasons many times and to just glibly say ‘I am saved and going to heaven’ will not suffice. However, the Scriptures disclose secrets hidden to most but ready to be unveiled to the discerning in Spirit and made known to those who will listen. There is the disclosure of God’s eternal purposes to be found in what the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding reveals. Particularly are we encouraged, even enthused and made rapturous when we discover God’s purpose in regard to the pearl of great price.

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