This is a time for us all to become sober and seek the Lord. Pastors, Churches and People – repent! Pray the Bible way. Get revived the Bible way.

Pray much in other tongues and let the Word of Christ fill your hearts. Instead, millions are looking for a revived Israel that will host their Messiah, Christ, whom they expect to What if the Lord were to come finding half of the church without oil in their lamps (Matthew 25)? Will we be ready when the Bridegroom comes? Instead, millions are looking for a restored Israel nationally. They want the Messiah to appear from heaven and rule for a thousand years. These believers are looking for dominion on earth. It will never be. There is no such thing in the New Testament. Where can you find it? This is heresy, Anti-Christ, Anti-atonement on the cross and Anti-blood of Jesus. after repentance, revival. The Greek word for refreshing is revival. This is the only time in the Bible a New Testament or gospel revival is mentioned. This is God’s way. It has to do with the Day of Pentecost. Peter was referring to Acts 2:4. They spoke in other tongues. That brought the Church into being. It ushered in the New Covenant in His blood. Sound the trumpet! Cry the alarm! Assemble in your homes and churches! Get your New Testaments and fill your hearts with their messages as you repent (and I also). Get filled with the Holy Ghost, the Bible way, speaking in other tongues. Reason: Widespread neglect of matters u can download PDF’s, ‘All About Speaking In Tongues’, ‘Dunamis Power Is Truth And Grace’ and ‘End Times And Israel’. “ Jesus is so-called ‘Jew’ for first time New Testament in 18th century. ‘Jew’ is corrupted English word for 4th century “Iudaeus” Vulgate Edition. ” You may have received the spirit of salvation but have you received the baptism not of water but of the power of the Holy Spirit. The true dunamis power of God and this is not the gift of tongues.

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