Acts 1 where it all begins. Let us follow what the Epistles say. Dr. Irene gives a thorough exhortation of all the Scriptures clearly explaining all of the glorious spiritual truths when God pours out his Holy Spirit.

Sending the Holy Ghost, the outpouring of the spirit and the manifestations of the Holy Spirit are all explained in great detail. The disciples and many believers at this time never really understood the truth and real spiritual understandings of their salvation and recieving the baptism with the Holy Spirit. Many looked for Jesus to establish His kingdom on Earth. Many today still follow this and other errors. Let us all look for the manifestations of the gifts and also know that speaking in tongues is not a gift but the receiving of the dunamis power of the Holy Spirit. The gift of tongues requires an interpretation. The Holy Ghost is in are spirit where the real miracle of the dunamis power is. A far more wonderful miraculous gift the chosen ones could never ask for from Jesus Christ. When the Holy Spirit was received at Pentecost it rushed or gushed out upon them with the urgency to fill all those who received with the dunamis power of God. We should long for the Holy Spirit. We have to know the Word of God and then go forth telling others. Build ourselves up by knowing the Word of God, the dunamis power of God through our love to God and from Him. We have the knowledge and need to witness to His Spirit. It is a command to build ourselves up in the most Holy place, it is a command to pray in the Holy Ghost and it is a command even in the New Testament to have love for God. He works excedingly and abundantly in us so we praise His might works he does in us

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