We cannot disobey God – without our personal loss, now and in eternity. ‘Our God is a consuming fire’, book of Hebrews. Speaking in tongues has been and is greatly neglected. It is major in the New Testament.

The Spirit was promised in the Old Testament in a few places. Jesus Christ on earth was Son of Man and Son of God. He did most of His miracles through the Holy Spirit. God sent the Holy Spirit. There is One God yet Three Beings. This is a mystery we believe by faith in the entire Word of God. How does this all affect us? At this time I had not realised the inroads by the Jews in their centuries’ of activity through enmity against Christ’s Church. So please disregard use of ‘Jehovah’ that I now have ascertained is not in the most original manuscripts because it is not in the Ancient Septuagint in English that is the earliest true record from old original manuscripts of the Old Testament. Present English Bibles contain translation from corrupted manuscripts of a Hebrew spoken in Babylon. Massoretic Jews did thee manuscripts from A.D. 85 – 1000. They acted as our enemies as far as they could, to destroy us. The enmity continues to this day by all of them. 7/24/2014. We can always be willing to learn the truth that supplants our erroneous beliefs!5 The epistles were written by apostles to churches with people sometimes having many errors. So it is today, having been much worse throughout the centuries. Nevertheless we need to meditate on the truth of the gospel and to cling to the truth only. The apostles where martyred. Believers are told in Timothy it is a privilege and of rights granted to many to suffer or die. Thousands today throughout the world are being given this privilege, mostly in countries other than the West. Pentecostals years ago where maligned and persecuted for speaking in tongues. Today, there are still many who say it is of the devil, totally disregarding the many verses for it found in the New Testament. These dear believers have experienced the power of the Gospel as all believers. They as many of us neglect the power of God in speaking with other tongues. So we have a modern church full of modern ways, following the world. Where are the preachers who will stand for and preach the real truth? This always means suffering and persecution from the majority of the church. Dare to be a Daniel! A healing ministry with signs and wonders of the Holy Ghost (not natural results) is accompanied with manifestations of the Holy Ghost. These are the gifts of the Spirit that have never been withdrawn by any verse in the New Testament. Not every believer will be given the gift of healing. 1 Cor. 12:8 shows the nine gifts are spread around. Only an apostolic ministry may have manifested at some time any of the nine gifts. Speaking in tongues whether in prayer and worship from the baptism with the Spirit or the gift of tongues from the Holy Spirit – in a different manner. Prophecy in ones own’s language is only to edify, exhort and comfort the believers. Tongues may interest unbelievers as we have seen. Speaking in tongues is part of the power of the age to come. What a wonderful miracle. How blessed we are to be granted this grace of participating in that eternal power. Carnality will keep us away from this. We continually need the Holy Spirit Himself. 7/25/2014 – Have discovered ‘Jehovah’ is not in original writing of New Testament. Here I have used it in my ignorance. Septuagint, Ancient into English does not use it, rather, ‘Lord’ only. Not ‘Jah’ (Jehovah’) as in KJV Ps.68:5,but Lord.. All our translations used are from newer scrolls than the Septuagint. Older manuscripts before this latter are non-existent. Jesus quoted the Septuagint in Greek spoken then. We use translations from Jews who compiled a Babylonian derived Hebrew of the captivity Old Testament. It was Massocretic, based on a corrupted, and altered text over years, from AD 85-1000 being changed where it could oppose Christian beliefs, specially the deity of Christ. They hated Christ and persecuted and were enemies of Christians, that being the Jewish position to this day, despite the tragically erroneous teachings of Christian Zionists. I find the Ancient Septuagint English, most refreshing and true, more so than our other translations that albeit have blessed me for 80 years. . Isaiah 32 show us prophetic spirtual truths of the pouring out of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Jesus’s kingdom is as He said, ‘My kingdom is not of this Earth’. The pouring out of the Spirit poured out from on high is the begining of the the opening of the windows of heaven for all his chosen ones. As the spiritual elect of God we enter heaven and never by any earthly means.

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