Satan does not want you to hear this. It is the truth about women preaching, intercession in other tongues, salvation, the Gospel.

Many theologians, pastors, churches and people miss its all. This is satan’s deception – the mystery of iniquity already in the church from John’s time. Romans talks about Jew and Gentile, the law of God, value of natural Israel and Jesus born of the flesh. It reveals are resurrection standing and power to live the Christian life. You will see how Paul emphasises intercession in other tongues. What is God’s plan for natural Israel? Are they real Jews in present day Israel? Is this the Israel of God? Is there election with God? Has the O.T. nation of Israel finished? How is it possible that gross deception has overtaken the multitude in the church of Jesus Christ! Investigate from this video how theologians, pastors, churches, believers misread Rom. 9-11? This surely is a major part of a falling away from the Truth of the Gospel in the N.T. that Paul said would occur. This is a message for every believer, as you will discover when watching. Is ‘another Gospel’ common in our churches?

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