Jesus was not just a man. Here is God, manifested in the flesh. The babe in the manger was God as a baby and in that cave there was glory all around.


The angels were there and the shepherds had come with the wise men bowing down to Him so on m/s. declares. The babe spoke to His mother even as He sucked from her. Just condescension, bringing us redemption, our God and Savior came and Jesus was His name. The great Creator became our Savior and all of God’s fullness dwells in Him. The angel had told Mary . After both Elizabeth and Mary had conceived, Mary visited her relative who said ‘the mother of my Lord should come to me?” The Lord is God. Elizabeth recognized it because she was filled with the Holy Ghost as her babe leaped in her womb when Mary entered. Miracles abounding. The miracle of the birth of God manifested in the flesh surely abounded with miracles, such as are not described in Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. So great was the condescension of the Word of God who became flesh for the purposes of God that had been foreordained before the world was created. You and I acknowledge His deity, born of Mary, ‘Blessed among women’ and Mary herself as she magnified the Lord, said: ‘Behold from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed’. We should acknowledge that blessedness to such a Virgin as she has been described to be in other mss. So great is our God.

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