Tamils love to speak in other tongues. God moved in revival in these meetings. Do you want revival? You must follow what happened in Acts 2.

It was the Day of Pentecost. Do you have this Pentecostal experience? You are required to by the Lord. Find out more. Watch this video. They listen to the Word of the gospel preached. This was preached in a house in this DVD. There were many there from the Roman Catholic Church. They hunger for revival. The gospel of Jesus Christ is important. We must obey Christ’s words if we love Him. One command is to be filled with the Spirit. These people here were filled. We laid hands on many. The Lord gave revival over eight weeks of our ministry in India. Hundreds of pastors and workers received deep teaching of the Word of Christ. They all experienced ‘filled with the Holy Ghost’, including the few children who came along. Pondicherry was no exception. For three weeks in meeting after meeting the leaders and newcomers loved the Word of God, got into the Holy Ghost and spoke profusely and long in other tongues. It was glorious. This state has a large percentage of Roman Catholics. Many of those dear ones heard, as Pastor Ghandi said, God’s message. We did not know that the Lord was giving us many appropriate sermons. For example in this DVD we touched on communion. We pointed out that Jesus said that unless we ate His flesh and drank His Blood we would not have His life. He was not referring to communion. It related to salvation and is Spiritual. It is not partaking of communion. Are you a Roman Catholic? You will be blessed by watching this video.

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