We have Somebody who is more important than wealth or luxury. It is the Lord Jesus Christ. Many Tamils loved this message.

They were filled with the Holy Ghost. At the end, they spoke in tongues loudly and long. When we believe in Jesus Christ God gave us Spiritual life. It is the life of Christ and is eternal. It is resurrection life. Christ was risen from the dead in a glorious resurrection. Believers are children of the resurrection. We have life giving us birth as children.

We are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. We are of heaven. One day we will live in heaven forever. This will happen at the coming of the Lord. We have no idea when He will come. Jesus said, Acts 1,’all time is in the Father’s hands’. He alone knows the time. The Bible does not give any sign for us to see so as to know when He will come. Suddenly, He will burst from heaven with a cloud of angels. He as Archangel will shout. All ready believers will hear. He will blow the trumpet. We will be changed with new bodies. They will be bodies of glory like His. We will have immortality in a body that will never sin or die.

At the end, pastors and people worship in other tongues.

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