This is supernatural. It is heavenly. It is of another world. It is not of this world. Do you know all about it? Watch this video. Take the time. It is English/Tamil.

You can understand. You will be blessed. You will get benefit. Please note near end of video (also earlier but at 9:52) small child absorbed in speaking in tongues. At 10:10 if your spirit doesn’t take a jump here then you have missed something. Down the very back many women on the floor (this is often where they are) all praying so wonderfully. An awesome calling. Believers are children of the resurrection. Jesus died, believers died with Him. He was buried, we where buried with Him, that is are carnal nature. Christ arose in Resurrection life. We rose with Him, are carnal nature being in the grave and we crucified with Christ. Now we are seated in heavenly places in Him. Resurrection life, eternal life is in our spirit. We reign in ressurection life over sin, satan, eternal death and hell. We walk in resurrection life. Sin does not have dominion over us. We are not under law but under Grace. Once we yielded the members of our body to sin, now we are to yield them to God. Jesus rose from the dead with a glorified body of heavenly origin. One day we will know resurrection of our body. We are to set our minds on things above in heaven. He will be revealed after His second coming, the coming of the Lord. We shall be revealed with Him in Glory. Faith looks forward to this.

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