You need to change. You need a change. You need a heavenly change. Watch this video, Tamil/English. The glory of heaven. God sent the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus taught His disciples He would return to heaven. In His place the Holy Ghost would come. The Holy Spirit would come to the church and give us something. It is power. He came in Acts 2 (1:8) and penetrated them, giving them power to do a miracle. It was to speak in other tongues (not the gifts of tongues or healing). He gave us great power in tongues speaking. It is to do something in us to last forever. We are to pray, worship and intercede in the Spirit, speaking in other tongues. We are changed from glory to glory by the Lord, the Spirit. This glory goes with us to heaven. Our human talents and human goodness do not. We are to stir up this gift of the Spirit that is within us, by speaking in other tongues in prayer. Most believers prefer to watch Christian television. They are missing out from the glory of heaven. We need this glory more than Christian television that is full of error world-wide. Heaven’s glory is perfect and of truth. We cannot change ourselves, we need the Spirit to do it. Do you want to change daily? Pray in other tongues. That is the secret. Our conduct changes through sanctification, that does not produce an inward change. Our recreated spirit, holds the Holy Seed of God that remains. Our carnal nature must be put off and our corrupt lusts within. GW 1 Peter 2:11, keep away from the desires of your corrupt nature, that constantly attacks. The change is about heavenly glory. We have the light of the knowledge of the glory of God within us, power in earthly vessels, 2 Cor. 4:6,7. It is personally most important to pray in other tongues. This the power of the age to come, Heb. 6:4. Our inheritance is heavenly and not earthly. Have glory increase. Watch the people at the end of the video as they have invisible glory changes.

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