Did You Know?

Love to hear re life experience as mine – 100’s churches all denominations – listened, preached, 13 countries; studied Bible and books 75 years. Authored 40 books, in three languages. Been missionary, pastor, apostolic ministry, evangelist, Christian education administrator, children’s work,street preaching, open air meetings and campaigns, church musician, choir conductor, piano and organ teacher.

I have been blessed to be reared in a Pentecostal home, Bible based evangelistic, Godly home. I ministered with my husband Cecil Bonney for 30 years until he went to glory and my husband Peter Faulkes has encouraged me in my present ministry for 28 years. All this experience and background has broadened one’s spiritual mind. One sees the grave doctrinal and experiential errors in all parts of the Church of Jesus Christ. We have fallen away from the truth, grace and power of the Gospel. Where does this leave us? One does not know. However, believers are expected to know and obey these truths about which the New Testament fully proclaims and expounds. As you surely now know I am quite old. Doubtless knowing the Lord Jesus, studying and preaching His Word with prayer in the Holy Ghost for so many years has brought great understanding and enlightenment. You are able to understand and connect through www.revirene.org.
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