Peter the Apostle describes ‘today’s People of God. He calls them ‘The Elect’. Is it not rather strange that the Lord said of Old Testament Israel that ‘they stumbled and were all disobedient to the Word’. and ‘that is why they were laid aside’? Therefore today’s people of God cannot have any reference to that Israel of the Old Testament. Rather, the true people of God even today, in the foreknowledge of God ‘were chosen in advance’. Peter did address believers in the Lord Jesus Christ all around Asia Minor of that day, as ‘the elect’. We thus know that those believers were an ‘elect’ people. What of today? Those Peter addresses were ‘sanctified in the sphere of the Spirit of the Anointed One, Christ’. They were ‘sprinkled with His blood’. Such were those elect people. They all died having lived their lives for Christ. They were Judeans and Gentiles or Greeks. They paid attention to the Lord Jesus who had died on the cross and risen again. Again one has to question who are such people today? Definitely not any of a particular race or nation. Peter defines this people as “a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God’s own possession – that you may proclaim the wonders of Him who called you out of darkness into amazing light’. He further states ‘Once you were not God’s people, now are a people. Once you had no mercy now you have mercy’. These can never be a natural people. Any natural people of the Old Testament were never spiritual and neither were they God’s people of a heavenly order.. We thus have to come to the realisation that these people described above, are a new kind of people. They and we are not a replacement people. There never had been such a people in the history of the world – until those days in which Peter lived and preached the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. God’s people of any time could only be such as formed ‘a spiritual house’ and never a natural one. Thus, today there is only one scriptural conclusion to follow., There were no people of God in any kind of a spiritual house in the Old Testament. That included Israel that did have the Law’s ordinances so as to approach God. Peter reveals the people of God of his day and today’s people of God. They could never be specified as being of any land of Israel. And that includes today. Today’s people of God are never to be exalted or worshipped. Rather, we of such a people of God, proclaim ther Lord Jesus Christ as God and Lord. He is to be worshipped. The Father is to be worshipped. The Holy Ghost is to be worshipped. No man can be worshipped, whatever the nationality. We believers have the hope of seeing the Lord Jesus Christ come in clouds of glory to take us to His eternal heaven. Our Savior would never stoop to ruling in an earthly world from an earthly city,? Even a Paul the Apostle to us Gentiles, said of the Jerusalem of his day was ‘in slavery with her children’. Do we have any right to change his Holy Spirit given descripton? ‘Do you not know that you believers in Christ Jesus are the people of the Living God? Such is the wonder that we the Elect, can sing: ‘We are the people of the Living God – The People of God’. We alone are those people.

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