A few days ago the Lord spoke to me. He pointed out Matthew 7:19. When I looked for it and read it, I saw: ‘Every tree that does not bear good fruit, is cut down and thrown into the fire’. I immediately said to myself: ‘That is not me’ because on looking at the portion of Scripture, it related to false prophets. I know I preach the truth. Then perusal of the pessage brought illumination from the Lord. I was astounded – and aghast at what Jesus was saying. I had never thought along such a line as the Spirit of God and Jesus, showed me. We relate it in this video and others following. So please watch and listen – to see what Jesus did say. This is the ques Are we accounted as being ‘in the last days’? Of course we are So what Jesus and Peter from Jesus said, concerns us in all of our churches. He said: ‘There will be false teachers among you even to the point of denying the Lord who bought you’. Many were there then and very many followed. It is the same today. God placed the angels who sinned with women in chains until the Day of Judgment. So great was His anger on them, the giants, the nephilim of Genesis 6. So it is great anger that He can have on believers in Christ who leave the truths of the gospel and follow false teachers. They love these false teachers and want them becaue of their lust. So it is today. The big heresy today in our well-known denominations, and their churches, is a love of Judaism. I was taught it by my faither age eleven, who obviously received it from the teachers of the early Pentecostals in Australia about A.D.1920. Then I heard it in churches. However in most of his life he never did exalt any as I never did. Praise the Lord for that – although I confess I always reserved a warm spot for those ‘people of the Old Testament’ due to my blinded eyes and darkened heart. They were counted as being very much favoured by God now. Judaism is most prevalent today with hundreds of millions of so-called Christians, or believers. Here is the anomaly. Are they counted as believer in Jesus to inherit eternal life? What the Lord has shown me from the Scriptures was a shock to me. It will be to you. Keep watching, beloved brethren in Christ, the remnant, the Elect. And also all should do this, so that there is salvation from eternal doom and the wrath of God.

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