Can followers in churches be following heresy? Well yes, of course they can be. We think of different so-called Christian groups and denominations for example, where Protestant believers would scathingly attack in their doctrines. This is a centuries’ old action Think of Roman Catholicism from the point of view of Protestants. Also what of Jehovah’s Witnesses? And Mormons? Most would be condemned for the judgment of God to fall on them to an eternal hell fire. Or are modern believers unaware of these matters? There is a taboo in western Christianity against Greek, Syrian, and Russian Orthodox – and others. Do we forget the wars, conflicts, persecutions in past centuries between Roman Catholics and Protestants? There always has been in the minds of millions the possibility, even certainty of heresy in those who are not like minded. That there are followers of heresy is a fixed idea in the minds of men. But what do the Scriptures say in regard to the actual truths of the gospels laid out in the New Testament? That is what we are about to discover. In 2 Peter 3 he says about the last days, such days embracing our prsent ones – ‘tricksters will come deceiving and traveling after their own wants and desires’. Peter said it under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. What do we say. Do we agree? We must. I am quoting Source translation, which is the most correct translation of the most up to date Greek manuscripts. ‘Be on your guard so that you won’t be led away by lawless people wandering off the path’. We all should take note We need to identify the truth, those who preach truth and then the hereses and those who peddle heresies. Peter says we are to turn away from such evil. The eyes of the Lord are upon us. Now we go to the Ancient Eastern Greek translation of the New Testament that is almost as good as that of Source and is similar: We look at 1 Timothy 4. As we have shared previously it is about what the Spirit says publicly for the last days – now – regarding spirits of error and beievers devoting thenselves to instruction and training by demons. The Ancient Greek translation words it as ‘paying attention to seducing spirits and doctrines of demons ‘, somehat sinilar to the KJV. And – ‘They will not listent to sound doctrine, having itching ears they will gather around them teachers who agree with their own lusts’ , again similar to the KJV. Oh, so it is not the basic fault of denominations, its leaders, pastors, teachers, seminarians. preachers It is based in what the people have a lust for. Source admonishes ‘to beware of sorcerers who progress from bad to worse’. A sorcerer is a spell-binder, enchanter, form changer. There is much more on this to hear. In our churches? Yes, says Paul and Peter. Both warned against Judaism and its myths and fables. It was there then. Such is still around today and in our churches. The doctrines of many denominatons exalt those whose basic beliefs are as in Galatias 3;1 – As those who bewitch. People in Galatia did not see the bewitchery but Paul knew it from his association with Gamaliel and the Oral Doctrine of the Babylonian Pharisees. Today, a different people but a same source. Babylon. Surely not, we say. Sadly, it surely is so. The Bible is never full of positivism. It reveal the evil and God’s remedy. Most follow the evil and ignore the remedy, who is Jesus Christ, the Truth and the Way, the only One to be followed. Weep, weep, weep! save some!

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