There were thorns in the sides of the Children of Israel as they The Bible lets us now who these thorns really were. The were Amalakites. So we need to look at what the Septuagint says about them. The Septuagint of the Greek Orthodox is the only Old Testament upon which we can rely. Our KJV is of the Masoretic Text, and originated in Babylon and the Captivity, firstly in verbal form. Jesus condemned it. There were Giants on earth, and these giants had been birthed by the women who sinned, with the Fallen Angels who raped them and took them off of their husbands. Maybe the husbands were killed and eaten – such was he evil on earth at that time. The holy Book of 1 Enoch tells us the story as does Genesis 6 and even remnants of this are to be found in 2 Peter ad the Book of Jyude. We can read about it in Genesis 14:5, some translations as also in the Septuagint of Orthodox Study Bible. Deuteronomy, Joshua and Numbers also tell the story. Even in the KJV there is this remark by the spies who came back from their journey of discovery of Canaan – ‘There are giants in the land’. These giants were very, very tall, and not just a ‘giant of a man’ today who may be six foot ten. There were Nephilim who were in the descent. Obviously such descent was not destroyed in the flood . The Lord said they would be thorns. They were. Are their thorns in our side today? Oh, yes, from the same kind of genes and evil. We can think of the Pharisees and more to our interest, those scholars in Europe who gave us the Renaissance, that was not good but occultic. They injected the teachings of the Kabbalah, the Hermticism of Egypt. They introduced alchemy. Their evil is transmitted through the translation of the King James Version, as the oversight of that translation of A.D.1611 directed by evil King James I of England, was given into the hands of Fludd, an Alchemist and Sir Francis Bacon, of the same kind. He was into conversations with ‘Fallen Angels’. From the copy of the Ancient New Testament translated from the Greek, I noted that Sir Francis Bacon wrote down the language in which he conversed with them. Such beings would be most demonic and really evil spirits. Satan has been opposing Jesus Christ from the time of the Garden of Evil. He is still doing so. He is coming against true Christians all of the time. The truest translation of what was left to us in the most resent Greek manuscripts is that done in the New Testament, ‘Source”. It is available rom Amazon or from Book Depository, London, Sydney at no postal charges. We have not been left to find our way alone. We do have the Holy Spirit who gradually does open our eyes against the error and seeing the true.

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