Jesus Christ ascended to heaven. He took His seat at the right hand of the Ancient of Days, Dan.7. From there He acted in judgment against Israel and the Roman Empire. Both to eventually be destroyed, one because of their many sins of killing the prophets as well as idolatery and then of murdering the Christ of glory. They killed Him, that Israel and were guilty of the most heinous of sins. The Son of Man on the throne came to them in glory, unseen but His powerful acts would reveal Him, the acts of the Great Tribulation. Then the Romans! All cities, kings, nations in the Old Testament through whom God delivered judgment on Israel were themselves under His judgments and they always came. So in the book of Revelation the Son of Man comes to John in a vision to proclaim what He, as the Son of Man, was just about to pour out on Israel, the land, the people, Jerusalem, the people, the temple, the priesthood and the whole system. He is the only One worthy to open the seals, a figure of what is occurring in the heavenly realm that would affect greatly the earthly. Judgment would come And it did, under the Caesars, specially through Nero that ‘Wicked’ of 2 Thessalonians 7-10 who was disclosed to that church as the epeitome of evil, which he was. For many years other churches throughout the world recognized later Nero was an Anti-Christ figure. The main one against God and Israel. Daniel 9:27 would be totally fulfilled even as part of it had already been – with the appearance of the baby Jesus who later was the Prophet to Israel.

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