Jesus has come as the Son of Man visibly throughout the gospels. He had been recorded by Enoch in the book 1 Enoch. Then He came invisibly to Mt. Zion, in a supernatural way as Judge of Israel, with the 144,000. The same Person, Jesus Christ, Son of Man and Son of God is yet to appear the second time, ‘without sin unto salvation’. This will be in the clouds, up in the atmosphere into which He ascended on His way to heaven, in Acts 1. The disciples watched Him go until clouds received Him. The angelic voice spoke and said, ‘This same Jesus you have seen ascend, will come again in like manner as you have seen Him’. Yes, He is coming again Maranatha. That is our watch word, and we look for Him to come again. This time it will be as the Bridegroom who has readied Himself to so come with the trump of God, the cry of the Archangel and with a shout. His voice alone we will hear, whether living or having did and already gone to heaven in Spirit form. Yet we await the Resurrection Day, to be clothed with immortality, in a body what will be like His in glory. Praise the Lord. Are you watching and waiting? Or have the things of this world caused you to lose your first love. His coming has lost its vital impact. This would call for a renewal of love and hope with expectation, by the Holy Spirit of God. Let us see what will happen at this coming.

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