Looking at Daniel it is all about his people, the Israeites and ro their end. Their history will not include a break of 2000 years or so as is popularly but wrongly proclaimed, as a myth actually. There is no such long gap. From Daniel in captivity until he generation of Jesus’ time is covered in his whole prophecy. The Darby version, he being not a follower of he Scriptures, blinds millions of eyes and this occurs through all of the preachers and books. I was entrapped in many of the myths for many years. Let us all break free and follow the Scriptures and know their fulfillment. Jesus plainly said (in A.D. 33), ‘when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies’ (occurred A.D.67-70) ‘ … because these days are days of vengeance to fulfill all that is written’. Whom will we believe? Our Savior Jesus or the false preacher? Daniel pronounced doom for Israel until the end of his writings. That end was the end of Israel. The end! Daniel himself had his end and that would occur with his resurrection at the end of the world. So Jesus spoke of the end of Israel and that included the ‘coming of the Son of Man’. He came then in judgment as in Daniel 7. This is clear from Luke 21, Matt.24, and from Revelation as we show in our series on that book. The coming of the Bridegroom is ahead for us and not the coming as the Son of Man. We need to rethink!

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