‘The Acts’ of this Blessed Saint bear witness to the trophy of grace that Blessed St. Andrew was. Jesus had given him the first call to follow Him. This came even before that to this older brother, St. Peter. He was prepared for his task as were the other disciples. He travelled much more than any other to many more countries. When one reads of his miracles, giving out of the gospel, his sufferings, perseverance, persecutions and finally martyrdom, the amazement intensifies. His life and ministry were one long continuance of so many miracles they could never be counted. Here in this video we recount some of them. They are unsurpassed, but never fairy tales. The truths of the gospel, of being a spiritual man, are amplified in the account. The Lord Jesus had spent three years in training and teaching him and the others. Yes, St. Andrew did many a greater miracle than Jesus had done as Jesus said they would. He turned many a pagan to Jesus Christ. Conflicts with Satan abound. Yes, he was an evil foe and his demons were always on the attack in people. Andrew would not suffer Satan to win. He was always defeated even if it took some time. As you view the video you will surely be in total amazement at the acts of this Blessed Saint. He had four missionary trips and spent over twenty years in Romania, in a cave that can be pointed out today. RIGHT NOW FOR US; Warning: Scientists say we are now 2 minutes to midnight, till Doomsday, due to around sixteen countries withdrawing their diplomats from Russia. They want war. Russia does not but will defend herself with the overcoming retaliation armor she has. Prepare to meet your God should be our motto. Nuclear. Is this the end of the world, 2 Peter 3, elements melting with fervent heat? Or Luke 21, where a few verses only relate to the End time. There it says some Christians will fall. But there will be those who look to the Lamb, as they are blood bought, and the Lord comes in His second coming, to forever with the Lord, in immortal bodies like His glorious body.

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